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Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time. It involves usage of the existing environment and adding extra information to it in order to create a new, artificial environment. It is slowly gaining popularity in extending to various regions. According to experts, Augmented Reality will become a common technology by 2020.

Dubbed as the new future of social media, AR must not be confused with Virtual Reality. The potential for AR in the real world is huge and it has already reached out to healthcare, education, navigation, manufacture, marketing and of course social media. After seamlessly pushing through into the real world, AR will slowly become a necessity.

The top 8 breakthrough apps for this year were:

  1. MondlyAR:This app has a cool instructor named Mondly who uses AR to point to elephants and boats in your room and teaches you delightful new languages.
  2. Ingress:View the world as it is not through this great gaming app which will change your views on gaming altogether. Enjoy the fresh air, bright sunlight and the wonders of AR in this amazing game.
  3. AR Flashcards App:Built for the learning child, this app creates electrical flashcards and enhances the learning process.
  4. Spacecraft 3D:This app helps you to know more about the space crafts created by NASA and interact with them.
  5. Mybrana 3D:Revolutionizing selfies all around the world along with real-time sharing of photos and videos is the ultimate goal of this app.
  6. Aurasma:Jump into an animated world, right from where you are standing, where all animation is done by you using this app.
  7. Clara:It is the best business utility app which brings the conference room in your palm. It schedules meetings, provides conformations and provides follow-ups with prospective clients.
  8. Google Assistant:Probably the best, this app does it all. Send texts, call people, listen to music, browse through pictures or even cook up a storm- Google Assistant does it all.

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Summary:Augmented Reality the technology that virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time.top 8 breakthrough apps Mondly,Ingress,AR Flashcards App,Spacecraft 3D,Mybrana 3D,Aurasma,Clara and Google Assistant .

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