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Automated robots and Artificial Intelligence is really interesting and in many ways showcases the extent of development that has been taking place in the 21st century. As mentioned in previous articles, all these complex processes are taking over basic human work and successfully completing it without any supervision.

What does this all point towards?

Are robots going to take over your job?

Are you going to be replaced by an automated robot in the future?

Yes, some jobs are going to be taken over by automated robots.

All jobs can be classified into four categories- routine, non-routine, interactive/analytic and manual. The present system of robots is able to take care of all four kinds of jobs.

Routine jobs involve repetitive jobs that need to be done every day, every month and every hour such as data entry and data manipulation. These types of jobs can be easily automated.
Non-routine work involves the usage of the creative part of the brain. They might be a little difficult to be automated but as mentioned in a previous article, robots can paint and play Go. Hence, very soon, the non-routine forms of work will also be automated.
Manual work comprises physical work and with the advent of quadruple robots and mechanical arms, this type of work might be the first one to be automated completely. This will cause the downsizing of a large part of the human workforce.
Interactive work involves an understanding of human behavior and good interaction skills. Humanoids are a subtle hint towards the automation of interactive works as well.

It is clearly visible that automation is the future and many people are bound to lose their job.

However, there is a silver lining. Artificial Intelligence and automation will also cause the formation of new job opportunities. Content development for online platforms, superior healthcare professionals and experienced work force for the society are some of the new opportunities for work.

People with good skills and experience who can easily apply their creative side to bring about better solutions to challenging problems will be in demand.

Yes, automation will take away jobs and create job opportunities that require a lot of skills. The situation might not be advantageous as today but humans will definitely strive and evolve according to the circumstances.

Humans have always come up with solutions that are best for them and even in the future, great ideas will be introduced to gently prevent the advent of robots.

Summary:AI is many ways showcases the extent of development that taking place in the 21st century.

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